Internet Marketing


Not sure where and how to start promoting your business online? Need marketing strategies and directions? We can help!

Our Internet marketing specialists develop website marketing strategies that work best for your company. We understand that each situation is different and we will create a unique Internet Marketing Plan to help you:

  • Increase sales and conversions
  • Position the business to your target and niche market
  • Increase traffic and qualified leads to your site
  • Define objectives and virtual business model

Integrated Approach

There are plenty of talented interactive marketing professionals in our industry. Still, when choosing the right firm to meet your online goals, it's important to know where a narrow focus can blur the big picture:

  • IT companies want you to believe that if they build it "they will come"
  • Design firms won't tell you that anything beyond "professional" design won't increase profits
  • Usability firms won't tell you that usability is like dial-tone; you only miss it when it's not there
  • Analytics and Testing firms won't tell you that traditional A/B and multivariate tests don't help with complex scenarios that were unplanned to begin with
  • Search Engine Marketing firms and Online Agencies won't tell you how to convert the traffic they drive
  • User Experience firms won't tell you that experience does not equal persuasion, nor that effective persuasion implicitly leads to effective usability

To be successful on the Internet means much more than simply creating a web site. To fully take advantage of the power of the Internet and what it can do for your company you will need website marketing strategies that encompass website design, search engine marketing and public relations. Development of an Internet marketing plan is vital to any business that wants to be successful online.

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